creative statement

I hesitate to define myself other than as a creative person. Although people by nature want to categorize that which they see in the world, sometimes things don’t fit so neatly into a predetermined set. I sometimes feel like a designer, other times an artist. I sculpt, paint, blow glass, to name a few. But in truth, what excites me most are ideas, experimentation, and possibility. These three things transcend material, medium, and even making. What influences me more than any tidbit from my life history are the people I work with everyday in the studio. Their energy and ingenuity propel me through the technical complications of working with glass.

By nature I am a problem solver, always looking for ways to combine techniques and come up with something different. While my previous education in science contributes to my understanding of the physical properties of glass, my methods are more directly related to painting and drawing. Sketching is a way to express ideas quickly, free from criticism and accepting of imperfection. Working with glass, I use varying techniques to achieve balance between controlled and spontaneous expression. I articulate this in my work using a combination of organic and geometric elements. This reflects my drive to understand how the physical world fits into an increasingly computerized society.


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